Spiral Finned Bunker For Cold Storages
Spiral Finned Bunker For Cold Storages

The Spiral Finned Tubes that are available on the external surface of the bare tube to increase its surface area are called fins. Spiral Finned Tubes help better transfer of heat between the outside and inside of tube. With the usage of these tubes having surface area almost eight times of the outer tube, the length of the tube required to heat the viscous oil can be reduced by one sixth.


  • Tube Materia : M.S, / S.S,
  • Tube Diameter : Any Diameter
  • Fin Density/Inch : 3 to 9 fins/inch
  • Fin Material : CRC/G.I/S.S/Aluminium
  • Fin Height : 9mm to 25mm
  • Maximum Length: 10 mtr. Long



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