Ammonia Chillers
Ammonia Chillers

Ammonia Chillers, Chilling Plant are compact and skid mounted and are usable for a wide temperature range from medium to low temperature process cooling applications, like in pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, food processing, beverages, cold storage, ice making, industrial gases as well as medium temperature application like HVAC, Plastics, Concrete cooling etc.

Complete study of the process to ascertain peculiarity of the requirement, precedes the choice of equipment and accessories being proposed, through an engineering team with specific expertise.

Prominent Features:

  • Highly reliable screw and reciprocating compressors
  • Natural refrigerant NH3 with zero ODP and zero GWP, with the highest energy efficiency
  • Widest operating temperature range, (+) 30oC to (-) 40oC
  • Customized as per the extreme and sensitive environmental conditions, factory inspected and certified
  • Factory assembled and tested equipment with the option to dismantle and re-commission at site, in case of very large sizes
  • Factory made and tested flooded evaporators, made as per highest international standards of manufacturing
  • High fouling factors, increased condensing area, extra tube thickness and high-flow design, for highest energy efficiency, higher operational reliability and easier maintenance
  • Stepped and stepless capacity control, from 25% to 100%, adapting precisely to varying process loads
  • Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities
  • Customized turnkey cooling solutions available
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