Shut Off Valves

“SUPER” 1968 Shut off valves are designed specifically for use in industrial ammonia and large commercial halocarbon refrigeration systems.

Hand Expansion/ Needle/ Regulating Valves

“SUPER” hand expansion valves are ideal for metering or flashing expansion of liquid refrigerant. Application- Liquid feed or circulating liquid feed evaporators high pressure

Hand Expansion/ Needle/ Regulating  Valves
Check Valves

These flanged , heavy duty ,piston type check valves control the flow of refrigerant . Valves open wide for flow in arrow direction on valve body and close when flow reversible occur

Strainer Valves

These rugged refrigerant strainers (filters) are designed to remove foreign materials, like dirt and weld slag, from refrigeration systems

Strainer Valves
Flow Indicators

“SUPER” Flow indicators provides simple indication of flow of refrigeration in industrial and commercial refrigeration systems

Tee Valve

Tee valves are available only in screwed types and in sizes from 1/2" to 1"

Tee Valve
Safety Relief Valves

“SUPER” safety relief valves are for industrial and large commercial refrigeration systems. Designed to provide relief from excessive pressure in refrigerant containing vessels

Pressure Gauge Valves

“SUPER” gauge valves are designed to meet all refrigeration application requirements

Pressure Gauge  Valves
Three Way Dual Relief Valve Manifold

“SUPER” dual relief valve manifold help to meet the requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE 15-1994 safety code

Quick Closing Oil Drain Valve

“SUPER” quick closing oil drain valve are used for draining oil from system containing refrigeration under pressure

Quick Closing Oil Drain Valve
Angle Gauge Valves

SUPER 1968 angle type gauge valves are installed on receivers and accumulators for fixing gauge glass tube that indicates liquid level in pressure vessels

Reflex Glass Liquid Level Indicator

“SUPER Liquid level indicators are equipped with boron silicate glass, hardened by an accurately controlled heat treatment process

Reflex Glass Liquid Level Indicator
Electronic Liquid Level Controller

These electronic liquid level controllers are used to indicate or regulate a liquid level in various refrigeration applications

Float Switch

Electro mechanical float switch designed to provide a reliable electro mechanical response to liquid level changes

Float Switch
Ammonia Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are designed and built specifically for industrial refrigeration. The main function of an electrically operated solenoid valve is to control automatically the flow of fluids liquid and gases


SUPER weldable flanges are tongue and groove type. These are available in flange kit along with nut bolts and gaskets

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