Prefabricated Puff Cold Rooms
Prefabricated Puff Cold Rooms

Suitable for diverse applications, PUF panels consist of a rigid core sandwiched between sheet metal structural boards. PUF insulated sandwich panels integrate joints and studs, insulation, vapour and air barriers. Easy to install and affordable, the typical applications of PUF insulated panels include exterior wall, roof, and foundation systems of industrial and commercial buildings, cold storages, warehouses and prefab structures.

  • These PUF thermally insulated panels are easy to lift and light weight
  • Easy erection and low maintenance cost
  • Polyurethane sandwich panels are flexible in design
  • High energy saving due to high thermal insulation
  • High load bearing capacity
  • PU Panels can withstand any weather conditions
  • Customized as per your needs
  • Easy dismantling and reuse for installation in other locations
  • Speed up the construction work
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