Liquid Ammonia Pump
Liquid Ammonia Pump

The demand of liquid ammonia pumps are increasing day by day in different segments of refrigeration industries and this is because of its unique advantages and benefits with the overfeed system. Typical application includes cold storages, dairies, IQF, blast freezers, ice cream plants, refineries and chemical refrigeration. Liquid ammonia pump is the heart of the overfeed system which pumps the liquid ammonia throughout the refrigeration system and it is important that it should run without any leakage and trouble free operation for years.


  • No leakage- Handles toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, fluids without leaking into atmosphere
  • Airtight- Designed to handle vacuum services or fluids that react to contact with air
  • No shaft seal- No mechanical seal, No gland packing
  • No external lubrication- Pumped fuel provides cooling and lubrication of motor and bearing, No lubrication levels to check or maintain
  • Compact design- Motor and pump are single unit, No alignment necessary, No grouting or elaborate foundation
  • Motor power- 2 HP , 3 HP, 5 HP, 7.5 HP AND 10 HP
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