Ammonia Evaporative Condensers
Ammonia Evaporative Condensers

In evaporative condensers suggested water quantity as per capacity is pumped to the water distribution system at the top of the evaporative condenser. The water is distributed over the wet deck fill by means of equally distributed water spray. Simultaneously ,air is drawn in through the air inlet louvers at the base of the evaporative condenser and travels upward through the wet deck fill opposite the water flow. A small portion of water is evaporated which removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is drawn to the top of the condenser by the fan and discharged to the atmosphere. The cooled water drains to the basin at the bottom of the condenser and is again pumped back to the distribution system.

These evaporative condensers are specially designed for :

  • Cold Storage
  • Ice Plants
  • Meat / Fish Processing
  • Dairy Industry
  • Breweries
  • Quick Freezing Plants
  • Food & Vegetable Freezing Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Chemical / Petrochemical Plants


  • More efficient than Atmospheric type and shell & Tube Condensers
  • Uses very little water in comparison with to Atmospheric Condensers
  • Keeps condensing pressure low, there by reducing power consumption
  • Require very little space compared to Atmospheric Condensers and can be fitted over the roof top
  • No cooling tower required
  • Wind is not required and can be fitted in any direction
  • Scaling is reduced to minimum, since plain tubes are used
  • Compact design and easy for maintenance
  • Uniform and trouble free spray pipe water distribution system

Special features:

  • Fully removable panels for easy and trouble free maintenance
  • Uniform and trouble free spray pipe water distribution system
  • Coil section and fan section panels in galvanized steel & powder coated but optional in stainless steel
  • Spray galvanised mild steel / stainless steel 304L coils
  • Nominal capacity range 100 KW to 2000 KW
  • Air inlet grating avoids sun projectivity dust and dirt coming in mild steel spray galvanised / stainless steel water tank
  • Low noise and large water flow water pumps having protection level IP55, Insulation level F
  • Low noise with large air flow aluminium alloy blades axial flow fans with damp proof motors
  • Mild steel powder coated/ stainless steel one piece heavvy duty fan hood with fan guard
  • High effective water eliminator is made of PVC having long life span
  • These eliminators having access doors on side panels


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