Ammonia Shell And Tube Condensers
Ammonia Shell And Tube Condensers

Horizontal shell and tube ammonia condenser, which are available in different capacity ranging from 5TR to 400 TR. A shell and tube condenser (heat exchanger) is the most common type of heat exchanger used in refrigeration industry.

Shell and Tube Condensers are having two divisions one is shell and other is Tubes. Here water runs through the tubes, and ammonia vapour flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two fluids. For this purpose seamless/ ERW or Rolled shell are used for shell. And Seamless/ ERW tubes are used for Tubes.

Different Pass Arrangements are made by providing baffles in the water heads, like two, four, six and eight pass designs are common because the fluid can enter and exit on the same side. This makes construction much simpler and helps to limit the tube length.

The ammonia vapours enter the shell and get condensed by rejecting the heat to the circulating water in the tubes there are baffles directing flow through the shell side so the vapour does not take a short cut through the shell side leaving ineffective capacity.

These shell and tube condensers are tested at a hydrostatic pressure of 27 kg/sq. cm gauge (380 psig).

These shell and tube condensers are also made with SS tubes and SS water heads where the water is saline or very hard so the tubes can be cleaned easily with chemicals.


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